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Indexed data lakes for lightning-speed responses, Leveraging AI for SQL -Free querying
Private virtual data warehouses for real-time dashboards

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Bypass all limitations on on-chain querying by utilizing Blacksun's SQL/GQL APIs. Spend more time on building

Query using plain English

Text To Query AI

No SQL knowledge needed to query on-chain data at Blacksun. We've trained our custom Large Language Model on our data sets – query with plain English!


Private Data warehouses

Build dashboards that update in real-time with Blacksun's private data warehouse. Export Dashboards or part of them to external apps, dApps, Web apps...

Real Time Data Analytics

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99,99% Uptime

Our infrastructure utilizes High Available and Disaster Recovery protocols



We currently support Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, and Optimisim with a roadmap to support many more...

Corrup-free data

Corrupt-Free Data

Our in house re-org proof mechanism ensures that our stored data is identical with its equivalent on-chain data

Sub 1 second responses

Sub 1 Second Responses

Beat the competition by fetching data from complex queries in real-time

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