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Los Angeles

Black Sun Technologies is located in a state of the art data center centrally located in Downtown Los Angeles. Colocation doesn't get much better then our 24x7 NOC, managed services, centralized location, redundant facility infrastucture or skilled staff for Southern California colocation for your business.


Our location in Downtown Los Angeles provides us with a near unlimited choice of ISPs, and our non-exclusive contracts allow us to install and provide bandwidth from any provider in our facility. Black Sun already have access to every major bandwidth provider and have live circuits with Level 3, Global Crossing, Cogent, and XO. Black Sun also has cross connects with every other major provider through our data center's meet-me-room to the other major Downtown Los Angeles meet-me-rooms.


Black Sun Technologies' facility provides access to over 18,000 square feet of contiguos private and secured space. The majority of this space is specifically designed for server colocation, with 12'9" ceiling clearance, raised floor tiles, roof rights for broadcasting and receiving antennas, built out cages, cabinets, and racks prepared and ready for your business to move in. Our facility also provides limited offices secured and ready for lease. Can your business benefit from having a full office at it's disposal 30 feet from your data center?

Emergency systems

Emergencies and disasters happen, that is why Black Sun has developed in a facility that provides every disaster safety measure we could account for. Dual power grids from multiple LA DWP substations. Redundant UPS systems, one located in our facility and one provided by the building. Multiple generators with enough fuel to last over 30 days in the event of all other power systems failing. Fire suppression from a cross zoned dry pipe, pre-action fire control system. Physical security, with our facility manned 24 hours a day by our 24x7 NOC staff you can feel secure your servers are safe from tampering.

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